A restructuring/relocation process always involves great effort from organizations.
In Outplacement and Career Transition programs we understand our Clients’ business and mission, advising them to minimize the risks of these transition processes.


We provide specialized support throughout the process, ensuring an effective communication in the organization, designing programs tailored to the professional’s real needs and ensuring follow-up in internal and external emotional management.

Organizational Impact:

  • Maintaining the image of notoriety, reputation and prestige in HR management;

  • Ensuring professionals in the right places;

  • Maintain and promote team’s motivation and engagement;

  • Maintain productivity and results;

  • Retain critical talent;

  • Reduce "noise".

Professional Impact:

  • Facilitate a smooth transition;

  • Support in the emotional management of the moment: Self-esteem and Trust;

  • Show new paths and professional solutions;

  • Ensure the Candidate feels supported in the transition process, both in the short term as well as in the near future.

Career Transition – Internal Mobility

We advise our Clients and their professionals during the period of organizational change. We support the internal transition process, the respective evaluation of skills/assessments and integration into the new team and role.

Organizational Impact:

  • Increase the notoriety image, reputation and prestige in HR management;

  • Ensure an effective career plan;

  • Retain key professionals for the organization;

  • Support in internationalization/repatriation;

  • Promote team’s motivation and engagement;

  • Increase productivity and organizational trust;

  • Increase Corporate Happiness;

  • Attract new talents to the organization.